• Image of Myq Kaplan - No Kidding CD

On his follow up to "Small, Dork and Handsome," Myq unleashes some spot-on impressions, the wittiest of wordplay and thoughts on drinking, sex, family, money, drugs, Nicolas Cage, psychic predictions, kids and back to drugs again. While ‘No Kidding’ is pure Myq’s comedic style, fans may notice an evolution in that style as he ventures into more long-form comedy. As the Boston Globe notes in a recent review, “his act isn’t just a series of one-liners anymore.”

"The content on 'No Kidding' comes across as so skilled that it almost seems scientifically methodical. Kaplan's persona and comedic timing mesh superbly with tracks that fit together like pieces in a puzzle, as jokes play off of each other in a wonderful interplay. But despite the practiced nature of Kaplan's humour, it never comes across as stiff or unyielding. The comedy is still loose and silly, keeping everything fresh and unpredictable." - Exclaim

"His swift and layered delivery of punchlines and tags is still there, but fans will notice that those classic Kaplan skills are now being utilized to complement a more narrative set with longer, more story-like bits." - Splitsider

“Kaplan moves from smart to dumb faster than any comic in America. Dense with puns, discursive musings and conceptual jokes, his act moves like a one-man screwball comedy in which his silly and brainy sides bicker” – The New York Times

“Chock-full of the fast-paced, expertly-crafted linguistic hilarity the comedian is known for, fans will see an evolution in Kaplan’s comedic approach as he ventures into more long-form comedy” – Vanyaland

"This might just be ... his best hour yet." - The Comedy Bureau