• Image of Dave Hill - Let Me Turn You On CD

Debut album from national treasure Dave Hill. One-liners, longer stories and of course some sweet guitar licks.

"With its mix of live jokes performed at Union Hall in Brooklyn and monologues set to space-y guitar-led music, Let Me Turn You On is about as dynamic as it can be, and Hill's material and vaguely stoner-y presence are charmingly refreshing. An unsettling, off-kilter feeling that reality is being fucked with is prevalent throughout Hill's record; his is a strange, cool world to live in." -Exclaim!

"There's a good chance that Hill is one of the funniest people alive." -The Atlantic

"Cult New York comedian Hill is a hugely talented funnyman." -Time Out London

"Hill's loose jabs and affable, nice-guy demeanor are what make his gently absurdist comedy so enjoyable." -The Onion

"Great comic ideas seem to flood out of him, whether he's mashing up home videos with clips of extreme arthouse movies or engaging in a six-month flame war with a Norwegian black metal musician." -The Guardian UK

"Brilliant." -New York Magazine