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Gabe Liedman shares choice stories from his life (along with his hatred for hoarders, monkeys and fantasy) in his phenomenal debut album, "Hiyeeee!!" Recorded live at UCB LA and completely unedited. Grab it now and thank us later!

"Listening to Gabe talk on stage is like sitting at a bar with your most entertaining acquaintance — it's effortless, fun, frivolous and fulfilling." -Jezebel

"We can think of no better way to show the world that there is beauty and art and fun and joy all around us than to privately enjoy Gabe Liedman’s wonderful collection of jokes." -Videogum

"...perfectly captures Liedman’s fast-paced riffs on pop culture and human behavior and demonstrates exactly why he’s become such a sought-after act." -Splitsider