• Image of The Comedy Bureau Presents: Comedians of Interest, Vol. 1 CD

The Comedy Bureau, an LA comedy institution that has served the art form of comedy and Los Angeles since 2010, has handpicked “secret” recordings of their “comedians of interest” and release them to the public on an album through the venerable AST Records. More specifically, these 6 acts contained within this record are comedians that TCB believes have not gotten nearly enough of the attention they deserve. They are hysterical, original, innovative, and should be watched be very close by all. Knowing this, commit their names to memory: Anna Seregina, James Austin Johnson, Ahmed Bharoocha, Candice Thompson, The Walsh Brothers, and Eric Dadourian.
-Jake Kroeger, Director of The Comedy Bureau

1. I - Anna Seregina
2. II - Anna Seregina
3. III - Anna Seregina
4. I'm from the South - James Austin Johnson
5. Panera - James Austin Johnson
6. WWTHD? - James Austin Johnson
7. Voices - James Austin Johnson
8. Man vs. Beast - Ahmed Bharoocha
9. Learning Disability - Ahmed Bharoocha
10. Over Protective Dad - Ahmed Bharoocha
11. Funnin' - The Walsh Brothers
12. Spooky World - The Walsh Brothers
13. Chronically Single - Candice Thompson
14. That White Black Chick - Candice Thompson
15. Negger, Please - Candice Thompson
16. Godfather Part I - Eric Dadourian
17. Godfather Part II - Eric Dadourian
18. Godfather Part III - Eric Dadourian